The legal sources of Ephedrine and Ephedra

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where to get ephedrine

Are you looking for ephedrine HCL to assist your weight loss program? Are you finding it difficult getting quick results with other weight loss supplements? Well, it is a daunting task to shop around and get the right supplement that will make your fitness dreams come true. There is always a notable trend with weight loss supplement, which tends to indicate a raise in purchase during a given timeframe. However, the question remains whether the trend can keep a sustained demand growth, especially when individuals are looking for reliable weight loss products. Statistics show that with over 5 million people in the US having used ephedra based products, the demand has been on the rise given the high potency associated with this herbal supplement. Research on the other hand has shown that if it is used with caffeine, ephedra will help you cut down over 2.2 pounds of fat every month. Notably, where the supplement is incorporated with healthy dieting and strict work out, the results are faster. The secret however is knowing how and where to get Ephedrine and Ephedra products.


When you get to buying the perfect ephedra and ephedrine supplements, the biggest worry is getting down to a specific product that will give you the desired results. With thousands of products claiming to give results just like real ephedrine or ephedrine, and the different formats that are available in the market, it is important to know where to start. Further, the ban by the FDA on specific ephedra products will not help you much. The ephedrine regulation is spread in other countries too, making it a nightmare when you want to choose from overseas markets. The information herein could be helpful for individuals facing a hard time trying to subscribe to the most efficient ephedra or ephedrine products.


Ephedra sinica origin and usage

The most pure ephedrine source if found in the Ma Huang plant. When you want to buy a guaranteed product, it is wise to start off by buying real herbs from this plant. The ancient medicinal source: Ma Huang can still be bought from Chinese herbal specialists, who can be found in the US. You have a guarantee of this product in its natural form when you buy it in its herb form. Since there are different herbal species with different ephedra alkaloid contents, you will need to establish what herb you will be getting. There are ephedra plants that are known to contain poor levels of the alkaloid chemicals. If you end up with a herb with no ephedrine content, it will be difficult to achieve your weight loss plans. Remember, when buying the herbs, it is almost impossible to ascertain the real content and amount of ephedrine chemical in the natural herbs. This is one reason that makes dieters and bodybuilders to look for other ephedra formats.


Procuring  Ephedra Seeds for weight loss

There are individuals who prefer buying ephedra in its seed form. This way, it becomes possible to grow their herbs. It is a good option, but you will need to be within the climatic condition that is conducive for the herbs’ growth. You really can’t wait for the four years of maturity to meet your weight loss goals, but you can go for fat rate germination seed and remember to be sure about the type of seed you will be buying.


ephedrine hcl supplements

 Where to buy Premade Ephedra Powder

For people who want to achieve results and avoid the dirty work of panting and grinding, you can go for powdered ephedra. Remember that finding the real Ephedra Sinica in the US is difficult, given the FDA restrictions. If you need the powdered ephedra, you can contact reliable Chinese herbalists who are conversant with oriental dosages.


Getting  Ephedrine HCL

If you are looking for the artificial supplements, consider buying the synthetic ephedrine alkaloids. These are not made from herbal sources, but they end up giving you quick results.



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