Aspirin, Ephedrine, and Caffeine: the ECA Stack:

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ECA Stack Ephedra Caffeine

Most people who are searching for reliable weight loss solutions must have come across the much-sought ECA stack. This combination which consists of ephedrine hydrochloride, caffeine and aspirin has been used in many diet pills which can be bought or sold legally, acquired in pharmacies or even ordered online. All the three components of the weight loss stack have unique properties that have a significant role when it comes to weight loss. They are known to result into potent and instant results when used together in the stack format. Studies have shown that you will end up losing over 80% more compared to using the ephedrine HCL dose alone. Since aspirin can cause allergic reactions, some people will prefer the EC stack, which is no less a potent supplement pair. ECA Stack supplements can be purchased according to your wishes. You can also buy the pre-made formula, which has all ingredients already on board.


ECA working formula

It is a common fact that each of the compounds in the ECA stack has its own effect. Used as a single entity, Ephedrine enhances the noradrenaline hormone levels and prompts the adrenergic system, which makes the Noradrenaline to react and stimulate the brain to increase the cardiovascular activity and promotes the release of glucose and the flow of blood into your muscles. This boosts your brain’s power to perform and concentrate on tasks including your workout routine.


On the other hand, caffeine has a significant role in repressing the constant urge to eat and snack recklessly. Caffeine is also responsible for diminished epinephrine action, which in turn boosts the tasks carried out by ephedrine. With Aspirin, its major roles include blood thinning which leads to faster circulation and a more rapid release of fats from the cells to be used in the energy production. This means you will have less fat deposits. Aspirin also plays a huge role in inhibiting hormones that curtail the efficiency of ephedrine.

eca stack

Benefits of an ECA stack

It is evident that the ECA stack is a marvel drug for many people looking for reliable means to flush out excess fat from their system. The stack is simply affordable and available. It is a known method that will produce excellent results depending on the manner it, is administered. However, there are three distinct ways the stack works to purge fats from your body.



1. The Thermogenic method- when you take caffeine, aspirin, and ephedra in the same dose, you are likely to increase the body’s temperature. If this happens, it means that more fats will have to be burned to provide more energy to cater for the deficit. You should note that the body is always involved in calorie burning even when you are in a relaxed mode.


Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin Weight Loss

2. Burns Fat and shields Muscle- the ECA combination comes handy when you want to shed fat. The stack is known to facilitate fat burning which tends to protect the muscles such that only the fat deposits undergo the process. It also caters to the constant need for energy and the ECA properties that allow its effects to last longer while pulling out fatty acids for energy production from areas laden with tardy fat tissue such as the waist, hips, and your buttocks.


3. Boosts Athletic Performance- athletes are known to prefer the ECA stack since it helps them in their training. You will experience improved circulation and proper supply of oxygen in your blood stream. This promotes energy supply all over the body making it easier to keep up your workout routine and regain fitness.


You will only need to be wary of the negative side effects of ephedrine. There is need to see a doctors before you can start using either combinations which have the same potency when it comes to fat burning.




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